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Our Story

It all started back in 1956 when the Cinderella brand was bought to New Zealand by a family owned and operated business called James Crisp. Cinderella was quickly known as a trusted, top quality brand that brought a little everyday magic to Kiwi kitchens. The brand actually started out in the town of Selma in California, long known as the raisin capital of the world. The story goes that the company was named after the owner’s daughter Cindy.

Over the years the Cinderella range expanded to bring other delicious, top quality dried fruits and ingredients to New Zealand from around the world. It made the brand a staple found in pantries up and down the country.

In the 1980’s the opportunity arose for James Crisp to buy the brand and ensure it could be called New Zealand’s own, which they did. Since then, the Cinderella range has grown even further and today you can choose from over 25 Cinderella products.

Over 60 years on from when we started the types of baking and how people use our products may have changed (there may not be too many Prince Charming Sandwiches being made), but what we strive to achieve hasn’t. We still scour the globe to find good food supplied by good people. We only offer products you can depend on to taste delicious and provide great value. And we always stand by everything we sell. We take pride in our heritage and love that we’re still here for Kiwi families three generations on. Let the magic continue.

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