Cinderella baking & snacks - adding a little magic to Kiwi kitchens
Magic in the making

Since 1956 we’ve been adding a little magic to Kiwi kitchens. We search the globe to find the best quality ingredients for your beautiful baking and scrumptious snacks.

Who are we?

Brothers Richard and Henry, along with their families, have been bringing a little bit of magic to Kiwi kitchens since 1965 with Cinderella. For three generations they’ve been scouring the globe for the tastiest juiciest crops. Proudly New Zealand owned and operated they stand by everything they sell today to help you create beautiful baking and scrumptious snacks. Let the magic continue!

The full story

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How good is dried fruit?

Dried Fruit is made through dehydration – taking fresh fruit and removing the water. Dried Fruit can boost your fibre and nutrient intake and supply your body with antioxidants. If you’re looking for a fibre to help keep your body regular add dates, prunes or raisins to your salads and baking. Cranberries and prunes are a great source of the mineral potassium which acts like electrolytes for the body. Fruit dried, lasts a lot longer than fresh fruit and makes a handy, healthy snack when you’re hiking, camping or on a long road trip or flight.