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raisin monster!

Kids in the Kitchen

They’ll love baking, and they’ll love eating it too!

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Great ideas for filling up the lunchbox!

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Get Crafty!

Here’s how to make some amazing things out of your empty raisin boxes!


Monsta PuzzLe

Click here to print your monsta puzzle

You’ll need 12 raisin boxes, empty or full

  1. Print out your monsta picture at 100%
  2. Cut along the dotted lines
  3. Stick them to the raisin boxes
  4. Have fun making the puzzle

Thank you card

  1. Eat up all the yummy raisins
  2. Fold an A4 piece of paper in half to make a card
  3. Stick your raisin box on near the bottom on the front of the card
  4. Attach a colourful ribbon with glue
  5. Add writing to the top
raisin monster!